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July 08, 2020

One of the perks of wearing a kaftan is the ease on styling because of its versatile, free flowing, comfortable and elegant features. Depending on the type of kaftan, you may require minimum to no accessories. For example, if the kaftan is heavily embroidered or embellished, then the less accessories, the better. But if the kaftan is simple with less details, you want to add extra oomph to your overall style with the right accessories. Here are 4 chic ways to style your kaftan.

1. Sneakers: Style your kaftan with a pair of sneakers. We love how one of our customers chose to complete her kaftan look with a pair of sneakers. casual luxury kaftan with sneakers Like this kaftan? Click here to learn more

2. Casual Jeans: Wearing a short length kaftan or as we call it, a tunic? Why not elevate your look with a pair of shorts on warm, sunny days or a pair of casual jeans.

3. Swim Suit Cover Up: I did mention earlier that the kaftan is very versatile right? So ditch the lining and opt for your kaftan to serve as a swim suit cover up. We love how one of our vip customers opted to use her kaftan as a coverup on her trip to Mexico before lock down. Just make sure it's a lightweight kaftan or at least made of cotton since cotton is a breathable fabric.

pure silk soft luxury beach kaftan   100% silk soft luxury beach kaftan

4. Handcrafted Woven Bag: One of the accessories you can easily use to upgrade your stylish look is an unconventional and unique summer bag like shown in this image. With a bag like this, together with your kaftan, a pair of elegant earrings and bracelets, you'd certainly be making a bold fashionable statement.

Access more beautiful kaftans here

Now, your turn :)

How would you style your kaftan? Leave a comment!


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Size Guide

While our kaftans are one size fits most or a free size usually 60-62 inches in length, use the size guide below to determine the right length of kaftan for you based on your regular size clothes and height. Feel free to go a size bigger if you prefer a longer kaftan.

Also, note that some vendors have a different size guide, so for specific measurements that vary from what's here, the information will be included in the description section on the product page. 

Height (Feet)
Length (Inches)
5'2 & below 54
5'4 - 5'6 56, 58, 60
5'6 - 5'8 56, 58, 60
5'8 - 6'0 58, 60

Length (Inches)
S 54
M 56, 58
L 60
XL - XXL (One size/Free size) 60, 62