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March 18, 2017 2 Comments

It was a winter night in November almost four years ago, and I had decided to attend a play at my sister’s school – York University – where she was one of the major characters. My other sister (Zainab) and I had decided we would attend to show support. It was winter, so we absolutely dreaded leaving the house.

I didn’t know what to wear for the event, but I knew I didn’t want to stress over what to wear. I wanted to be comfortable. I wanted to look elegant. I wanted to stand out. I rummaged through my wardrobe for 10 minutes and finally spotted a yellow kaftan with multi-colored (yellow, blue, and pink) beads. I immediately pulled it out and decided this was ‘the dress’. Again it was November, it was winter, it was very cold but I didn’t care. I convinced myself it was not a bad idea since I was driving to the venue and had a long, thick winter jacket. I figured I wouldn’t have to walk a distance from wherever I parked my car to the entrance of the building where the show took place.

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It all went according to plan, and I was comfortable. No body hugging or itchy fabric, no need for bathroom visits to adjust my outfit or make sure my cleavage wasn’t showing, no stiff jeans or tight skirts. I looked and felt extremely comfortable and elegant. Nobody else wore a kaftan. I received lots of compliments. Everyone wanted to know where I got it from. I smiled to myself the whole night :)

Here are MY top 5 reasons why you should own a kaftan

  • A kaftan is a very versatile form of clothing. You can switch up your look instantly from daytime to nighttime using minimum to no accessories (depending on the style of the kaftan)
  • It can easily be your default outfit when you don’t want to stress over what to wear to an outing.
  • Kaftans provide effortless style and you’ll be guaranteed to stand out in a crowd
  • It’s free flowing and comfortable
  • It’s modest yet elegant fashion


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2 Responses

Silverline B,
Silverline B,

April 28, 2020

You have always kept it elegant with your professionalism and dealing with clients.
I love these kaftans.

Thank you

Rita Egbe
Rita Egbe

March 23, 2017

Nice dresses

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Size Guide

While our kaftans are one size fits most or a free size usually 60-62 inches in length, use the size guide below to determine the right length of kaftan for you based on your regular size clothes and height. Feel free to go a size bigger if you prefer a longer kaftan.

Also, note that some vendors have a different size guide, so for specific measurements that vary from what's here, the information will be included in the description section on the product page. 

Height (Feet)
Length (Inches)
5'2 & below 54
5'4 - 5'6 56, 58, 60
5'6 - 5'8 56, 58, 60
5'8 - 6'0 58, 60

Length (Inches)
S 54
M 56, 58
L 60
XL - XXL (One size/Free size) 60, 62