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About LK

At Luxury Kaftans, we aim to please!

We provide a wide selection of beautifully embroidered and embellished kaftans for the stylish woman that loves combining classical elegance with a modern touch. From silk to chiffon, we provide the best kaftans, and aim to deliver a stress-free shopping experience.

We want to show you how easy, comfortable and elegant kaftans can be. It’s easy to feel confident and stand out in a crowd when wearing these lovely creations. Flowing and sophisticated, it’s easy to look effortlessly stylish anywhere, since you can wear these kaftans everywhere from poolside to an elegant evening soiree.

Our kaftans offer these benefits:

  • Can be accentuated with sashes, jewels and scarves, making them as casual or elegant as you want them to be.
  • Kaftans are modest yet elegant - you can be gorgeous without showing much skin.
  • Accessible Luxury.
  • Simple & Classy - Kaftans provide effortless style.
  • Quality fabrics and ornamentation-sophisticated fabrics such as silk, chiffon and silk Georgette means the garment will be soft and pleasant against your skin.
  • High quality hand applied ornamentation such as hand-embroidered touches, hand-beading or hand-glued stones.

At LK, we love kaftans and think all women should own at least one. We are proud to offer this product to the woman who desires elegance and simplicity, values modesty and style, and who knows quality when she sees it.

Our goal is to provide kaftans for the discerning woman at a reasonable price, with high quality, gorgeous fabrics and flattering designs. We want you to know that kaftans are versatile enough to be worn anywhere, from a casual beach outing to an elegant event. There is no wrong or right way to wear a kaftan.

We want the shopping experience to be painless, and so we emphasize excellent customer service. In the end, we want you, our customers to be able to purchase the products with ease, reach a customer service professional if there are any questions, and get a refund or exchange if they are not happy with their kaftan. You, the customer, are our top priority, our reputation depends on it.

We operate in Toronto, Canada, and Abuja, Nigeria.

Luxury Kaftans have kaftans for every occasion, and for every taste!

Elegance awaits!

Size Guide

While our kaftans are one size fits most or a free size usually 60-62 inches in length, use the size guide below to determine the right length of kaftan for you based on your regular size clothes and height. Feel free to go a size bigger if you prefer a longer kaftan.

Also, note that some vendors have a different size guide, so for specific measurements that vary from what's here, the information will be included in the description section on the product page. 

Height (Feet)
Length (Inches)
5'2 & below 54
5'4 - 5'6 56, 58, 60
5'6 - 5'8 56, 58, 60
5'8 - 6'0 58, 60

Length (Inches)
S 54
M 56, 58
L 60
XL - XXL (One size/Free size) 60, 62