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Mina Kaftan

Size Guide
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The Mina kaftan is perfect for the stylish woman that lets her dressing do all the talking.

Crafted with the finest euro chiffon, the Mina kaftan is embellished with fancy stones to create a geometric modern design at the neckline.

Available in different sizes. Comes with a scarf too.


 Bust (Inches) Waist (Inches) Hips (Inches) Length (Inches)
Small 36" 47" 52" 54"
Medium  40" 48" 54" 56"
Large 44" 48" 57" 58"


Size Guide

While our kaftans are one size fits most or a free size usually 60-62 inches in length, use the size guide below to determine the right length of kaftan for you based on your regular size clothes and height. Feel free to go a size bigger if you prefer a longer kaftan.

Also, note that some vendors have a different size guide, so for specific measurements that vary from what's here, the information will be included in the description section on the product page. 

Height (Feet)
Length (Inches)
5'2 & below 54
5'4 - 5'6 56, 58, 60
5'6 - 5'8 56, 58, 60
5'8 - 6'0 58, 60

Length (Inches)
S 54
M 56, 58
L 60
XL - XXL (One size/Free size) 60, 62